EEG European Championship: S2 Final Placements
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The EEG European Championship: Season 2 has come to an end and it was another amazing online event on WWII! These are the final placements of this season's WWII competition: 


53rd-57th: Luculent eSports, Global Nation, Ozone Esports, Need an Org, UndyingAlliance

48th-52nd: MintaurGaming, ReyTex Youth, Team SoliD EU, Deploy eSports, EnD Gaming

43rd-47th: Unsurpassed Black, QBits Gaming, Rival eSports, Unsurpassed eSports, Undecided

38th-42nd: Seven7eSports, GoldStandard-X, STK eSports, Nova6 eSports, Retriant Esports

33rd-37th: OFFSET Esports, Nexus Youth, GoldStandard Rising, CryZeN Gaming, MachineSoldiers Black

25th-32nd: Divide Black, FTW eSports Black, Endurance Club, The Hunt Esports, Oblivion CoD, Plasnite Red, Team Descend, Socially Esports

17th-24th: Virtual Team, Electus eSport, Evo Esports, The-Glab Addicts, FTW White, LyZo eSports, Wind and Rain, OverShadow Black

13th-16th: Excillium Gaming, Animosity, VoiD Youth, Twister eSports

9th-12th: Panthers eSports, Zealous Youth, Plasnite Black, iTek Gaming

7th-8th: Vortex Gaming, Nine Kings

5th-6th: OrbitGG, TeamViral

4th: Team Singularity

3rd: Radiant CoD

2nd: OverShadow EEG

1st; Cryptick Gaming


Congratulations to Cryptick Gaming on winning Season 2. Season 3 is around the corner, more information and sign ups are coming out soon this week. Stay tuned!  

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