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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 4v4 Variant - Throwback Season 1


Call of duty: Advanced Warfare




Wednesday 17th May 2018


Friday 22nd June 2018


Saturday 23rd June 2018


20 credits

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Pool A
Rank Team Record
1st Reunited 8 - 0
2nd Decimators 5 - 2
3rd OutlastGG 3 - 2
4th Old Men of AW 1 - 1
5th Benelux Allstars 1 - 2
6th Team DiNaTy 0 - 4
7th Divide 0 - 2
8th Zharki 0 - 5

General Rules

  1. Schedule. One match is played every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 GMT/ 20:00 CEST. Fixtures will be out on Monday, 23rd June and matches start on Friday 26th June.

  2. Eligibility. All four players must be from Europe to be eligible to play in this league and have their PSNs and Twitter profiles added in their profile. 

  3. Host. The team on the left side in the match ID is host 1,2,5 maps and the team on the right side hosts 3,4 maps. The host can be from any country in Europe. 

  4. Playoffs. The League's playoffs will be on the 22nd July. Top 4 teams in the league will advance to playoffs. 

  5. Reschedule. A team can reschedule a league match if only they contact the opponents 2 days before. If your opponent does not reply, you must take proof of the following: 

    • You must message or tweet your opponent on Twitter that is linked to your opponent's profile.

    • Message your opponent on PSN that is linked to your opponent's profile. 

    • Message us on Twitter (@EEGOnline) about the reschedule at least 2 days before so we can create a group chat with your opponent.

      • If you do not message your opponents 2 days before the match, the opponent has the option to decline the reschedule and the match must be played at the scheduled time. 
  6. ​​Roster Rules. The Player which created the Team on will be the captain of the Team. Teams are not allowed to make changes to rosters once the roster is locked. One pick-up is allowed to be used in this competition. 

  7. Broadcast Rules. Administration reserves the right to broadcast any matches during season 3. Players are allowed to broadcast their own matches. Administration may revoke the privilege for Players to broadcast their own matches at any time for any reason.

  8. No Shows. A team has 15 minutes to show-up with the proper number of eligible Players and be ready to start the Match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Teams are responsible for all scheduled Matches. If you have a No Show issue, navigate to Twitter and message us immediately on @EEGOnline. To receive a no-show win, you must submit with proof. 


Use eSports Rule Settings


Maps and Modes


Hardpoint: Bio Lab

Hardpoint: Detroit

Hardpoint: Retreat

Hardpoint: Solar

Search and Destroy: Bio Lab

Search and Destroy: Detroit

Search and Destroy: Recovery

Search and Destroy: Riot

Search and Destroy: Solar

Uplink: Bio Lab

Uplink: Comeback

Uplink: Detroit


Restricted Weapons

All Variant Weapons

All LMGs


All Special Weapons

All Launchers

Restricted Perks

Recon, Amplifier, Gambler, Ping, Deadeye, Stalker, Danger Close.


Restricted Attachments


Grenade Launcher

Rapid Fire



Restricted Uniforms

Ghillie Suit


Restricted Tacticals & Lethals

Tracker Grenades

Tracker Drones


Killstreaks: Disabled


Join This League
Price: 20 Credits



1st Place

  • The 1st place team shall receive: €51.00 EUR
  • The 1st place team shall receive: 20 Credits 
  • Each player shall receive an trophy on his/her profile.

2nd Place

  • The 2nd place team shall receive: 20 Credits 
  • Each player shall receive an trophy on his/her profile.

3rd Place

  • Each player shall receive an trophy on his/her profile.


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