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Wednesday, 18th of April 2018


Tuesday, 26th June 2018


Wednesday, 27th June 2018


30 credits

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Pool A
Rank Team Record
1st Oblivion eSports 5 - 0
2nd Pentagon 2 - 2
3rd VisifyeSports 0 - 5
Pool B
Pool C
Rank Team Record
1st RIP C1000 6 - 1
2nd HiddenAces 5 - 1
3rd CovertGG 2 - 5
4th Emrys eSports Academy 0 - 6
Pool D
Rank Team Record
1st WeVicious 6 - 1
2nd 2ndWave Fortnite 5 - 1
3rd Luxor Esports 1 - 5
4th Divide eSports 1 - 6
Pool E
Rank Team Record
1st OverShadow Esports 5 - 0
2nd Public Enemy 1 - 4
3rd Viera Gaming 1 - 3
Pool F
Rank Team Record
1st 6S 5 - 1
2nd HiddenAcesRed 5 - 1
3rd Gaia eSports 3 - 4

General Rules

  • Schedule. Games are played every Wednesday and Friday at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET. 

  • Fixtures. These will be out on Tuesday, 26th June and matches start on Wednesday 4th July.

  • Playoffs. Playoffs will be on the 4th-5th August.

  • A team can reschedule a league match if only they contact the opponents 2 days before. If your opponent did not reply, you must take proof of the following steps: 

    • You must message or tweet your opponent on Twitter that is linked to your opponent's profile.

    • Message your opponent on PSN that is linked to your opponent's profile. 

    • Message us on Twitter (@EEGOnline) about the reschedule at least 2 days before so we can create a group chat with your opponent

  • If you do not message your opponents 2 days before the match, the opponent has the option to decline the reschedule and the match must be played at the scheduled time. 

  • One pick-up is allowed to be used in this competition.

  • League game is a Best of 1

  • Before starting the league match please create a group chat on twitter with us (@EEGOnline) and your opponent 


In-Game Rules

Preventing Fake Proof

To prevent fake proof each team will have:

  • A set emblem to use for each player for example; Purple Rocket,Yellow Flower etc.
  • Each Team will recieve a unique 4 digit code they must say when recording proof.

How to join?

Each separate team must get there full roster in their own lobby.Your whole squad must be in the same lobby. You do not have to be in the same lobby as your opponents.

How to win?

Whichever squad gets the most kills in the squad game will be the winner.In a very unlikely result of a draw, the squads will have to replay the map.

Uploading Proof

Take a video recording off the last 30 seconds via PS4 when all your team members are dead. You must include the scoreboard for at least 3-5 seconds so we have enough time to calculate all of your teams kills. You must upload proof via twitter if your opponents dispute the match/false report.Please send it to us on twitter @EEGOnline. If they report fairly you do not need to post proof on twitter however we recommend to save proof of all maps to be safe.


If a team takes longer than 35 minutes to upload proof you will be given 5 extra minutes if you fail to upload proof .

Connection Issues

If the player(s) who are playing on PC can not connect to the PS4s host we do not accept any responsibility this is a problem the PC player(s) must resolve.There will not be any added time to allow them to connect.

Lagging Issues

If a player(s) lag out of your game within 30 seconds you are allowed to leave the lobby and get them back in if you wish too.The time limit will still remain at 35 minutes to upload proof and you will not be granted any additional time.

In Game Ruleset

There are no restricted items and all items are allowed to be used.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform play is allowed. One player must be on console to ensure you can record valid proof by clipping the last 30 seconds of the game. If all four players are on PC you will be forfeited from the League.

If one of your team members is playing on PC it is their responsibility to get into the lobby not the hosts.

Kills when down/dead

Players can still receive kills even when they are down or dead if the kill(s) appear on the scoreboard within 30 seconds after dying. If your team did not receive the Victory Royale scoreboard kills registered after the game is complete (Victory Royale) do not count as these are simply players disconnecting/leaving the server.


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1st Place

  • The 1st place team shall receive: €200.00 EUR
  • Each player shall receive a Gold trophy on his/her profile.

2nd Place

  • The 2nd place team shall receive: €50.00 EUR
  • The 2nd place team shall receive: 30 Credits
  • Each player shall receive a Silver trophy on his/her profile.

3rd Place

  • The 3rd place team shall receive: 30 Credits
  • Each player shall receive a Bronze trophy on his/her profile.


*Please Note: Prize pool is based on 21 teams.


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